Events and Incident Monitoring

(1) If there is any detection of Unauthorized Intrusion then the emergency contact person will be informed Immediately.

(2) For Special Alarms like Burglary Alarms, If there is a confirmed break, in the law enforcement agencies are informed immediately and the key holder must be on the site.

(3) For unscheduled opening and late to close the operator contacts the site and confirms the password with the person on site. If password is not confirmed the emergency contact person is Informed

  1. Address

  2. Vamani Security Management Service

  3. Vamani Overseas Pvt Ltd

  4. (Infotech Division)

  5. Call Us (USA)  :  844-846-2234


  • Remote Security Monitoring with CCTV
  • Alarm System Monitoring
  • Notification of Unscheduled Entry and Late Closure
  • Monthly Activity Report By Email

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