Wholesale CCTV Surveillance Services

(1)CCTV Surveillance provides a mechanism for direct transmission of the video footage of an Asset like School, Hospital, Factory, Warehouse etc.

(2) CCTV Surveillance is popular in commercial Industry as it helps in keeping the public places secure.

(3) CCTV Surveillance transmits video on a closed circuit and it is directly connected to the camera and the video is stored on a media storage device like DVR.

(4) CCTV Surveillance gives you the flexibility and you can control the areas you want to monitor.

(5) CCTV Surveillance monitoring gives you the option to remotely monitor you assets and gives you a peace of mind. Connecting the CCTV Surveillance to your mobile through an app you can have a control on your assets, receive assets and a keep eye on what is important for you.

(6) With Our Centralized Monitoring Stations We can provide you with Alarm Monitoring & CCTV surveillance Service.

(7) Alarm Monitoring & CCTV surveillance are affordable.

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