Our dedicated team calls patient to confirm appointments and if required reschedule appointment.

Prior Authorizations

Vamani Healthcare collects patient information from physician office along with other documents (Medical records wherever required) to obtain prior authorization and get it approved before patient scheduled date. This ensures zero denials due to missing prior authorization and all claims are paid for covered and approved services.

Eligibility and Verification

This involves calling patient’s insurances (primary or secondary) to check for eligibility and coverage so that patients are communicated with correct COB information, deductibles, copay, benefit max, or eligibility issues before actual appointment is due which reduces patient's billing (dissatisfaction)or denials. Our staff also checks for in and out of network benefits to avoid any rejections. The verification team ensures that each patient's verification is completed before scheduled appointment. Team also checks for referral requirements of any particular insurance plan.

Medical Coding

Medical coding is one of the most important processes in healthcare revenue cycle management preceding a claim submission. Accurate medical coding services are essential to reduce denials and generate more revenue for our clients. One of the main reasons for claim denials is medical coding errors. We have a team of AAPC certified medical coders, who maintain highest level of accuracy in medical coding. We guarantee accurate coding and complete satisfaction to our clients.

Our experienced and well-trained coders are proficient in providing the following medical coding services:

HCPCS coding, ICD-10-CM medical coding, Payer specific coding requirements.

Clients who outsource medical coding services also receive regular feedback on any coding guideline changes and coding-related denial analysis.

Billing and Claim Submission

This step is followed after patient care is completed. Claims are created either manually from superbills or electronically from scheduler using EMR. Our staff checks for correct coding including ICD/CPT codes, modifiers, units etc. Team ensures minimum keyboarding errors. The final charges are audited by the Quality team and the clean claims are sent for transmission.

Our staff has excellent skill-sets in handling charge entry for different medical billing specialties. With us, clients have benefit of getting claims created in the night time (US) and ready for submission next morning.

Payment Posting

Our SME post insurance ERA or paper checks and provide reconciliation services. Exceptions are handled manually to make sure no payments are missed. In case of patient payments, paper checks, money orders, and credit card payments are posted on daily basis to show correct patient balances. It also helps in accurate daily or month end reporting.

Denial Management

Vamani Healthcare assures client in minimizing revenue lost due to untimely handling of denials. With our trained staff in insurance verification and charge entry, we minimize denials. Clearing house rejections are handled with TAT of 24 hours. Also payment pattern from payers are analyzed which alerts if there is any deviation from normal trend. Our trained staff works on immediate appeal of all denied claims and closure of all paid claims.

Account Receivable Management

Improper management of account receivables impacts revenue. Logical AR management which involves timely follow up of claims is very important. Our aim at Vamani Healthcare is to accelerate revenue for physicians and reducing days in AR by first time right posting of claims and then timely follow up after claim submission.

Patient Call Center

Vamani Healthcare has a separate team of executives dedicated to calling only patient's. Calls are made to patients to obtain missing demographics, insurance information and also discuss outstanding patient dues. Each patient's account is followed-up by our trained and experienced staff. Processes are clearly laid out involving sending letters, statements, notices, making phone calls, etc. to expedite collections.

Special Project-Old Account Receivable Clean-up

Vamani Healthcare India also undertakes clean-up of old Accounts Receivables. Many a time, practices and Facilities have accumulated unresolved Accounts Receivables either through lack of proper AR follow-up due to lack of manpower or sometimes they end up with these backlogs due to poor AR Management done by another medical billing company. Vamani Healthcare team analyze the various accounts receivable reports provided by the client and determine to work on the AR management strategy. The strategies are developed and executed, so that there is reduction of the bad debts and AR collections are maximized.

Medical Record Indexing

Medical Record Indexing is an important function since it allows organizing and storing patient information, demographic as well as clinical for easy retrieval.

In the US it is mandatory for patient’s physical records to be maintained for a minimum of seven years. All paper records require a significant amount of storage, collecting them to a single location for a referral or review by any physician is time consuming and complicated thus delaying the process. Also, paper based records are at risk of damage by pests and natural calamities. Scanning and indexing medical records seem to be the simplest solution to all these problems.

Our staff has knowledge and experience in medical terminologies and the medical billing process to examine each scanned document. Medical Records Indexing of these documents are then accomplished by moving the scanned documents into the appropriate folders and sub-folders. This facilitates easy retrieval of the records and also saves on storage and administrative costs.


Vamani Healthcare provides daily, monthly reports to client along with any other requested report.

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